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Current Customer 

If you are ever in doubt give the team a call, they are happy to help 

Payment Frequency 

If you have any changes in your income frequency please call or email the team to let them know

Bank Details 

Mainland Finance Limited 


Particulars: First Name

Code: Surname 

Reference: ML# or Mobile number we have on record for you 


As per your Consumer Credit Contract you are obligated  to have Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance at all times with Mainland Finance being listed as the financially interested party.

You can choose any Insurance company however you will need to ensure Mainland Finance have a copy of your current policy at all times 

If you are unsure about the difference of Agreed and Market Value please click here to see this explained by Canstar

Financial Hardship

If you are unable to keep up your repayments or other financial obligations because of illness, injury, loss of employment, the end of a relationship, or other unforeseeable reasons, you may be able to apply for Hardship.

To apply for a hardship , you need to:

Call Mainland Finance 0800 466 246 

Make an application in writing explaining your reason(s) for the application and email to or post to Po Box 82195, Highland Park, 2143

Authority to Act 

If you are unable to contact us directly or if you would like us to speak to some one else we are limited to what we can say or do without prior authority to ensure your private information is protected  

  • In an emergency they may call us to notify us that you are unable to yourself

  • We will require an authority form to be completed to disclose any information 

  • If another business requires information, we will request a privacy waiver from them in which you have signed

  • Under no circumstances are we able to provide any information to anyone in regards to your account or personal information under the privacy act without prior authority

  • If you no longer want someone to have authority on your account you must call us immediately to have it removed

  • If a person that has authority on your account becomes verbally abusive or we believe they are not acting in your best interests we may revoke authority

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