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You and Your Vehicle 

Warrent of Fitness


For your safety and the safety of other road users you must ensure your vehicle has a current  warrant of fitness (WoF) at all times.

You risk  your insurance policy being voided without a current WoF.

Car Mechanic

Registering a Vehicle 

If your vehicle’s registration has been cancelled and you want to use the vehicle on the road again, you need to register it again.

Mechanic Examining a Car

Drivers License 

It is important to ensure you keep to your conditions of your Licence at all times along with keeping up to date and revising the road code.

Driving Test Report

Driving in Winter 

Be prepared for safe winter driving 

Winding Forest Road

Vehicle Licence


You must pay a fee to use a public road in New Zealand known as a Rego.

Aerial View of Curved Road

Road User Charges


Diesel vehicles are required to pay a road user charge to contribute to maintaining roading in New Zealand. This is a responsibility of the owner of the vehicle to keep up to date 

Road Constuction

Check your Vehicle 


It is important to check the functionality of your vehicle such as, tyres, windscreen, indicators , lights etc. for your safety and the safety of other 

Tail Light
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